Main Framework

  1. Good intention of providing support to the deserving students in Maharashtra India to learn online from their homes/study centers using mobility devices even when normalcy returns post Covid-19.
  1. On 01 August each year for coming four years, we shall give free of charge 25000 Laptops to deserving students.
  2. a) In first week of January 2021 we shall distribute 400 laptops. We shall run the program on a trial basis in 15 Schools of Chhatrapati Shikshan Mandal, SGGS College of Engineering and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. We shall run full ‘Learning System’ as well. Proper documentation of three months trial run will prepare us to take next step.

We will run another trial run in month of April 2021, in new areas.

  1. Giving Laptops is not the purpose of ‘Saksham’ but it is the means for the main purpose which is imparting knowledge, education free of cost to deserving students. We shall stay in touch with the recipients and our ‘Mentors’ will guide them via regular webinars, tutorials. (Skill development, soft skills, language skills, personality development, Skills as per Atmanirbhar Bharat )
  2. Selection of the students will be done on the basis of 10thand 12 th standard results and economic status of the student’s family (BPL Certificate, Under privileged as per NFSA 2013).
  3. All deserving students from the state of Maharashtra will be eligible irrespective of Caste, religion or language.

Supporting Framework:

  1. Manage expenses and availability of appropriate Data Plan for sufficient period
  2. Prevent the misuse of internet by students apart from educational contents
  3. The access and availability of good quality sufficient educational contents
  4. Development of multimedia contents based on local context, syllabus and syllabus Access and availability of Open Education Resources (OER) on their mobility device
  5. Maintenance, security and safety of mobility devices
  6. Include the Operating system (with updates), Word processors (MS OFFICE, etc.) with a perpetual license, Adobe,  Antivirus/internet security with a perpetual license,  Software and hardware maintenance/troubleshooting etc.
  7. Pre-loaded digital resources/content to avoid data dependency Both in English and Marathi
  8. Form a system to provide guidance, counseling and mentoring to students with difficulties Training to be given to teachers to provide good quality lessons-Contents-hand holding on these devices. Association with good local teachers who can guide, mentor and develop contents This will kick off the production of quality local contents.
  9. Identify Execution partners and NGOs as partners in India
  10. Highly scalable central cloud base service portal
  11. Bulk connection engagement with top Telecom operators
  12. Local device manufacturers and OEM suppliers: Import kits and assemble in India.

Thrust Areas:

Economically Disadvantaged students

Sustainable Development, development of the creative potential, by mentoring in:-

How to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative and multidisciplinary, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in novel and changing fields

  • scientific temper and evidence-based thinking;
  • creativity and innovativeness;
  • sense of aesthetics and art
  • oral and written communication
  • health and nutrition
  • physical education, fitness, wellness, and sports;
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • problem solving and logical reasoning
  • vocational exposure and skills
  • digital literacy, coding, and computational thinking
  • ethical and moral reasoning
  • knowledge and practice of human and Constitutional values
  • gender sensitivity
  • Fundamental Duties; citizenship skills and values; knowledge of India;
  • environmental awareness including water and resource conservation
  • sanitation and hygiene
  • life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience
  • Basic arts, crafts, humanities, games, sports and fitness, languages, literature, culture, and values
  • Reading, writing, speaking, physical education, art, languages, science, and mathematics
  • innovation and out-of-the-box thinking